Relationships within the band.

I've been watching tons of BSB interview footage on Youtube lately, and I've been noticing the chemistry between band members. In particular I've noticed that Howie and Nick seem to be really close, even in really old German videos. They frequently mess with each other, laugh together, sit near each other and generally appear to be hanging out in a lot of the footage. If you've seen "I Heart Nick Carter," you know that Howie was a groomsman at Nick's wedding, and also appeared several times throughout the show (the rest of the band appears too, but less often).

I thought this was interesting, because the old belief was that Nick and Brian were inseparable as "Frick and Frack." The new BSB documentary suggests that Nick and Brian may have had a falling out at some point - Nick says something about how Brian can be a huge dick, and swears at him quite a lot, while later expressing his concern and care. Notice that Nick and Howie are sitting together and seem really comfortable with each other. My point is that I think Nick and Howie are superclosefriends, not Nick and Brian. I've got more to back it up if you're interested.

I also heard in a BSB cruise Q&A that Howie and Brian were not close at first, nor were Kevin and Nick. This suggests that AJ was relatively cool with everyone (aside from his heavy drug years), and is definitely the "original" Backstreet Boy as he has claimed.

Anyone else have thoughts or observations on this?